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Easy on the Pictures!

October 2, 2011

Ok this one may burn a few of you out there, but take it easy with the pictures. If you or one of those people who take pictures of your kid at the beach or just general kid pictures…you get a pass. Special moments or general special occasions, I don’t have a problem with pictures. This post is for the 20-40 year old crowd that just can’t help but take a picture of every damn thing. Look I will believe you if you tell me you are going to Applebees, you don’t have to show me a picture to prove it. Oh look it’s you and your friend drinking a beer picture, what a novel idea. Perhaps you are the worst kind of offenders and you take pictures of shit that is not even yours. You stop and take a picture of some dudes Bentley…why? Ladies, if you know you are hot. I personally do not see the need to show me 12 pics of your tits in a tube top at Applebees. Facebook had only added fuel to the fire in recent years. If there is a group of girls they always,always pull some random fugly dude to take a group picture. Then they have the nerve to look at it, say it is shit and make you take a redo…really? I was at a concert the other night and you would think the crowd had 45 different film-makers. In my mind I am like you are so in tune trying to capture the moment, you are missing the moment. I am not against people taking pictures and everyone is different, but I just feel we can leave some stuff undocumented. Like if you are constantly taking pictures of daily activities, slow your roll. You won’t catch me taking a picture of me in my “work clothes” walking into the office. Do you know why? Because nobody gives a shit! I would suggest start looking at all the good stuff around you and take a mental picture. Remember in your mind what a sunset on the beach looks like. Or how a girls curves hug a sexy dress. Chances are when you are old and you cannot find your I-phone, those mental pictures will bring the most satisfaction…that is the word. What do ya think, leave a comment…you don’t have to input your e-mail.


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  1. Tiffany permalink

    You got me Baller, but I’m a first time mommy–think you gave me a pass! 😉 I actually do a pic a day on fb but Im taking them so family and friends can see them but I totally agree with what you stated above! 🙂

    • Kids pictures and family It is the look I got a Taco picture that gets me…lol Babys 1st Picture of me with my 1000th…no big deal.

  2. Kim permalink

    I take a lot of pictures.

  3. ashley permalink

    I agree with you. some people on my Facebook are just plain out conceited. They don’t even post pictures of them doing things, just pictures of themselves in the same pose, different shirt. It’s obnoxious to have 900 pictures of just YOURSELF

  4. I agree it’s like don’t you have kids and a husband where the hell are they? They are standing in the shadows while you play celebrity spotlight…that’s where they are! thanks for reading Ashley!

  5. J.E. permalink

    If you’re reading Mike’s post and you’re saying to yourself this guy is a jerk or why is he so angry at pictures then FYI you are the picture taking people he’s referring to. These over the top picture taking people really burn me up. Hey if you’re taking pictures of your kids and family that’s fine sometimes. If you’re one of the people that take pictures of other people property please STOP. Do you think the guy or lady that owns the Bentley really want you taking pictures of it. Do you think that before they bought their Bentley they said hey let me go out and take a random picture of some else Bentley.

  6. T.E. permalink

    OK, I’m guilty. I’m sitting within 10 feet of hundreds of prints. I get a pass on many of them… it’s family and cute kid pics. But, I’ve taken pictures of cars, barns, balloons, birds, horses, hell, I’ve even taken pictures of a barb wire fence. Thank god I’ve never taken a picture at Applebees.

    I’ll agree with you on many of your points, but Mike, if you drive up in a Bentley… I’m taking the picture.

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