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Pants on the Ground

September 28, 2011

The city of Albany, Georgia has a law that states if your pants are too saggy, you maybe subject to a fine and or community service. So far the city has collect nearly 4,000 dollars and issued 187 citations. In the spirit of this law if you believe in this sorta thing. I have assembled my list of new laws for the non saggy pants crowd.

  1. Dudes or fat people with super tight jeans…the fine will be fruit for a week
  2. Ladies or Men with back boobs or excessive batwings…the fine will be bungee strap bra
  3. People that wear more than 2 pieces of college apparel at a time…fine must wear a Boise State Outfit
  4. Ladies that have tight sweatpants and the big panty line showing.
  5. Too much jewerly…Why Sally that anal bead necklace looks great on you!
  6. If you are under 50 and wear Liberty overalls…fine Wrangler jeans for a week
  7. Camouflage Nascar T-shirts…fine ass whipping
  8. Sun dresses on girls whose gut sticks out further than your boobs.
  9. Dudes who wear bright ass landscaping t-shirts when you are clearly off work…fine the mexicans get to boss you around for a week.
  10. Fat ladies in juicy panty…I think you are packing more than juice sweetheart I see some chicken wings and pizza bites.

My point is last time I checked this is still America, wear your pants however the hell you want to. As long as I don’t see you ass cheeks we are good. Before you judge the saggy pants crowd, ask yourself if you have or do any of the things mentioned above…that is the word.


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