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Nirvana 20 years

September 27, 2011

Man can you belive the landmark Nirvana album turns 20 years old today? I would tell you this album is a classic and it single handedly changed a generation, but anyone under 30 already knows this. The album, the videos, the man himself Kurt Cobain were to me way ahead of their time. Kurt was a troubled soul from the beginning and this album blew up into something larger than life. I have often wondered what the band would be up to today if Kurt had lived? I personally cannot see Nirvana guest judging American Idol and high fiving Randy Jackson. The commercialism was one of the many issues that crushed the band. I wonder would they still be making music, and would it be good? I always thought if Kurt were to have grown old, I could see him as the Neil Young for a generation. There is no doubt when I am 50 and I see this album in the top 25 of all time, it will still deserve to be at the dance. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Deluxe addition and new DVD released today.


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