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Male Enhancement Really?

September 27, 2011

Looking through my Mens Health magazine, which I love, I noticed a lot of dudes must be insecure about their package. Everywhere you look I see a ripped dude with an 8 pack who apparently cannot find a lady, because he’s  small. Grow 4 inches in 4 weeks…really? Do you or any women out there think a pill is going to make your johnson grow? Wake Up! If you are hung like Mr. Chow from Hangover, no pill is gonna help your ass. You better start telling jokes and watching chick flicks my friend. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that’s all women care about. Call me old fashioned but I feel confident the world still has some gold diggers out there. Women who prefer a big house over a big hose. I guess I can undersatnd the stamina pills, but enlargement. Maybe I will create a pill that makes chicks more horny…oh I know we already have that it’s called alcohol. Maybe you should take the growth$ and invest in drinks for the ladies. If any ladies read this, how important is it really? How much slack can it really buy a dude?

You really need to go buy me a mixed drink!


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One Comment
  1. ashley permalink

    Personally, I don’t like a big Dick. I’ve had different sizes and the most enjoyable have come from the average size. A big Dick just seems to be uncomfortable, like when someone trys to give you a back rub and it hurts like hell, but they think they are the best at it. The intentions are good, but they need to back up in the roughness. So, to me, its not about size, its about what you do with what you were given.

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