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Movie Review: Drive

September 25, 2011

I am like a week late on this but I finally got to the theater to see the movie DRIVE. Let me first say that this movie is pretty damn good. Ryan Gosling plays a stuntman by day and a wheel-man by night. He meets a blond with a kid and begins to develop a special relationship with both. Wouldn’t cha know a job goes bad and triggers a series of consequences. This movie has some good car chases, but it is a throwback in a way. Drive does not have any over the top CGI or special-effects…sort of a Tarantino feel.  The movie also has a real cool vintage feel about it.This movie to me did a good job of creating a cool mood, lots of long silent shots and close-ups. There is not a ton of dialogue which makes, what is said more memorable and poignant.  The movies music was a cool techno mix, almost like you are in a Grand Theft Auto video game.  So go check it out, I think it is worth the money. Drive is one of the better movies I have seen over the last few months. I think this movie has cult classic written all over it, so you may hear about this one for a while.


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  1. ashley permalink

    And ryan more than likely looks super gorgeous in every scene. Duh.

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