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Fruity drinks in the club….Really?

September 25, 2011

What is up with these dudes drinking fruity in the club? Ladies tell me if I am wrong but who wants a guy sipping on an apple-tini? I see Facebook littered with pics of hot girls in the club with their friends…but look more closely. You will see that the hardest guy in the bar is drinking bitch juice. To prove my point just watch any Jersey Shore over the last 3 years. These people are professional club goers and skanks, and they are not sipping Crown and Cokes. Call me old fashion but one fruity drink is like 6 bucks, which equals at least two beers. DRINK A BEER. I have never, nor can I imagine getting drunk off of Sex on Beaches or Long Island ice teas. Some guys will tell you it just tastes better, no it does not. To me that is you trying to justify that these mild mix drinks are manly. Almost like if you’re a dude who likes Maroon 5. You know they suck but you have to find and excuse to have em on the I pod. Please if you must drink these lame concoctions, never ever sip from the straw…what kind of message is that sending?  When I get my bartending license I am calling you out when  you come to see me. I will only sell shots, beer, and whiskey from an old wooden cup. Don’t tell me this drink is for her, you’re a damn liar I know you came alone buddy. Chances are if you are sipping on the sweet boy juice you may go home with a sour taste in your mouth. As you get older expand your beer options, leave the old redneck juices behind. You must diversify your beer drinking portfolio. Try some craft brews or just stick to the classics…let the girls have their drinks. Let me know if I am off base…that is the word.

I think I will have a "Glass of going home alone"

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