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Scarface Remake WTH

September 24, 2011

Here we go again, you may have read my past blog on the Point Break remake and the slew of shitty remakes in the works. This is something totally different, this is an injustice  that can never be forgiven….a Scarface remake is in the works. Why in the hell would you make a career/genre/cultural defining movie with one of the greatest actors over again? This shit will suck and NOBODY will go to see this. Here is the kicker from what I read, who would take on the unenviable tasks of trying to play Tony Montana? Usher…let that sink in Usher. The softest R&B crooner on the block, will now try to be the hardest most coked out man on the planet. The studio says the movie will be modernized for todays times. Does that mean Usher and Bieber will be like beatbox gangsters challenging the Jabbawockeez in a cocaine dance off to the death? I could write about how pissed I am, and how silly times have gotten.  This up to you people to unite, and not support this trash. Scarface is a true classic and beloved, every man/boy has to see this movie it is a rite of passage. How can you make it better,  I am sorry you can’t.  Are there no sacred movie in hollywood anymore? I think I would like to see Schindlers list remade into a  musical with the cast of Glee. Oh I know, maybe we  can get them to remake Pulp Fiction with Larry the Cable Guy and Al Roker.  Who wouldn’t like to see Friday remade with Bow Wow and Ray J? If you want to remake a movie try Basic Instinct with Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba. In the words of the immortal Tony Montana, ” Say goodnight to the bad guy, last time you’re gonna see a bad guy like this”. Give me a comment, let me know where you stand on this outrage!

Let it Burn Now Jewwed Son of a Bitch!!!!!!!!!


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