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Top 10 things that need to come back from the 90’s

September 21, 2011

This is my list of the top ten things I miss from the 90’s…enjoy and let me know what I missed.

  1. Chicks with tongue rings…good as a Bullseye back in the day
  2. Good Music Videos, and gd channel that plays them
  3. Grunge Music
  4. Unplugged Albums
  5. Heavyweight Boxing
  6. The WB…you know, you had a show you liked?
  7. Outkast…great group
  8. Elimidate TV Show…show was classic
  9. Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra
  10. Good Arnold Movies, Friends,  Jerry Springer, Guns N Roses, Saved By the Bell…Zack is still the man

***Bonus: Things I will never miss from the 90’s

  1. Zimas
  2. Boy Bands
  3. VHS Tapes
  4. Full House
  5. Titanic
  6. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  7. Parachute/ Hammer Pants
  8. Pagers…911 4 69
  9. Bag Phones
  10. Steroids…shamed many a boys heroes, damn you PED’s
You son of a bitch


  1. Deana permalink

    Hilarious and sooo true!! I remember getting pages and thinking “Why in the hell do I have this because now I gotta find a payphone…and I was peeved when it went from .25 to .35 cents!” I finally got a bag phone and thought I was too awesome! So funny….keep ’em coming Mike!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    1990 i was 4 years old =) i’m 25.

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