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Dont ask, Dont tell

September 20, 2011

The Pentagon/military says it’s finally ready to lift the ban on gays serving openly while in service. The current rule is gays can serve as long as they don’t openly acknowledge the fact they are gay. I have never served in the military and I am no expert as to the lifestyles these people go through. So I may be off on this, but who cares if you are gay? In the words of Bob Dylan the times are a changing. All of you with strong moral objections to gays in the military, sorry they are already in.  If that compass points you in the direction to ban gays…sorry not gonna happen. If a gay man or woman wants to serve and protect our freedoms, I say go for it. It is the poor straight and gay men and women defending our country, that allow the inefficient politicians the opportunity to sit around and bitch about issues like this. I think the acceptance factor is more for the public, than the soldiers themselves. The soldiers seem to have a pretty strong sense of brotherhood, and generally have one another’s back at all costs. Do you really care if a gay person stops a bullet for you, over a straight person? Is their blood any less dignified? To be completely honest it’s not like we have gay Seal teams running around or anything. Where the stereotypical ideas exist of dudes riding into battle on armored Miata’s with Lady GaGa blaring over the speakers. I am just saying we are all people, the new generation is no place for tired idealism. Give them all respect, we are all just people in a big ole goofy world…that is the word.


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