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Stop Overreacting

September 19, 2011

You ever notice occasionally when you get fast food there is always a customer pissed at the world? Some people completely overreact if a mistake gets made regarding the food they order. This is a part of life, we have all been there before.Sometimes you get the burger with mayo,when you specifically asked for no mayo. Here is what you do, baring the fact you are older than 10 years old and this has happened to you before. You take it like a man and politely ask for a redo. I don’t need to see your Academy Award winning performance on how you have been wronged by the Burger King and the social injustices that were just thrust upon you. Shit happens!  You do not want to be the overreacting d-bag that makes an ass of himself/herself over extra pickles. I am glad that Mom and Pops had enough money back in the day, to pay for everything and send your ass to college. Your ass never had the good fortune of working customer service a day in your life. Customer service is a bitch and people are generally mean as hell. I saw it today at lunch, this old man caused a big scene about his tacos being made incorrectly….completly overreacted. Then he looked to me for some type of confirmation that he was justified for being a d-bag. Not Given Sir…what if the poor kid overreacted and launched the damn taco in his face?  That would probably be overkill but I would have laughed pretty hard. Follow the Golden Rule people, don’t be a prick…that is the word.

I said no mayo bitch!


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One Comment
  1. grooda permalink

    Apparently Taco Bell has a very passionate clientele.

    I know you know the story of a guy who started shooting at employees and cops after he learned that the price of tacos went up.

    Please, go back and read the last sentence of the article again.

    So next time, calmly but hastily, exit the store until it all calms down. Or, if you’re in a hero mood, preemptively attack and constrain the guy!

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