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Who are these people?

September 16, 2011

Did you ever notice in this modern world, we still have people who cannot cook a damn bag of popcorn? To me there is nothing better than the smell of fresh hot popcorn, it truly appeals to the masses. The exception is there is nothing worse than the smell of some burnt ass popcorn. The smell of burnt ass popcorn just hangs in the air, like a cloud of shame. Let’s be real for a minute, I do not care if your microwave was made in the 1970’s…no popcorn takes longer than three minutes to cook. It never fails at work, some jackass is cooking popcorn for like 5 minutes. These people then look surprised as hell when the corn is burnt and black. Usually like a slap in the face they say, “Oh looks like this got burnt” you think so buddy? Was it the smell of asphalt and roasted ass that gave it away? It amazes me in this day and age we still have people struggling with this concept. Do it right, make it tasty that is the word!

Tune in tomorrow I am taking on all the people who use and miss-use the LMAO thing. I will introduce the SINF acronym to modern culture… the SHIT IS NOT FUNNY. Example if I put War Eagle and you post LMAO… I will then reply SINF.


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