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Fat Ass Sues a White Castle…seats to small?

September 14, 2011

Hola Amigos! I found a story on the internet tonight I thought I would share. Apparently a 64-year old New York man is suing his local White Castle because his fat ass cannot fit in the seat. Before I get going let me first say, that if you happen to be over 300 pounds and have sensitive feelings…stop reading now. It’s a sad world when people can sue over just about anything these days. Hell, I may get sued for writing this. If you are extremely obese I am sorry, but you gotta give some shit up. It’s like this, if your man-boobs and spare tire spill over the top of the table…sorry my friend your shit out of luck your food is to go. Guess what, BMW ain’t making a roadster for people who are that size and you will not be shopping at Victoria’s Secret either. I am not saying being fat is always a choice, but it is definitely up to you in many ways. Now some people may have conditions and factors, outside of their control, you get a pass. If you just happen to be a fat ass who loves junk food and stuffing your face, I am sorry but I think the world should not have to change for you. Bigger seats are needed at ballgames and on planes all because people hate to take personal accountability. Also, why are fat people so sensitive to their weight? You never see the poor homeless man crying his eyes out, and he ain’t eating shit. We as people have more knowledge and information on the food we put into our bodies than ever before. If you want to change and be healthy you can! In the meantime don’t be a prick and sue over silly shit..that’s the word!

Does my ass look fat in these slacks?


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