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Point Break Remake Really?

September 13, 2011

Man  I am pissed, I just heard that Warner Bros. has decided to remake the 1991 classic movie Point Break.  Are there no original ideas any more? Why would you de-face poor Patrick Swayze again? Hollywood is getting out of control these days, we have Footloose remakes, Top Gun coming in 3-d, Dirty Dancing remake. I am 30  now and these movies are the few glimmers left of my youth. Point Break to me is a classic and Swayze’s second best film behind Roadhouse. Let the man rest and stop putting lame ass Twilight pre-teens in these roles. You think Leonardo’s  gonna be Bodie? Hell No! No actor worth a shit would take these roles, because they know they are classic. You don’t remake Godfather, Private Ryan,Goonies,Top Gun,Red Dawn, Outsiders, Lost Boys, FB day off, Roadhouse, or Point Break. Is there any movie off limits? The same goes for music, I have no desire to hear Kenny Chesney do a cover of a Led Zepplin song. Leave classic shit alone, you can’t beat it, it’s been tried….it never works. Please join me in boycotting this piece of shit movie. I am sure Warner Bros. will cast some 18-year old hard body kid, who can’t act and make the movie PG-13.There should be damn law IF YOU REMAKE A MOVIE YOU MUST KEEP THE SAME RATING! You think there will be a naked chick wrestling Johnny Utah in the kitchen while a half coked out Anthony Kedies gets his toe shot off in the remake…hell no. This movie is a cult classic referenced in Hot Fuzz and the Town. In the words of Johnny Utah… You Gotta go down, it’s gotta be that way! Who ever made this decision needs to thrown from a plane after being shot…just like my dude Roach in the movie. That is the word dammit.

The remake gonna suck bro!


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  1. Perhaps no movie should ever be remade.
    But…Godfather and Point Break in the same sentence! Really?

    • My issue is where does it end? Perhaps a Scarface remake with Danny Devito as Tony Montana. Maybe remake Friday with Nick Cannon and Soulja Boy. How bout Godfather with Robin Williams in a kid friendly PG-13 version? Pulp Fiction with Nick Cage remake, don’t put it past these guys. Also Point Break is classic, if there was not an audience why the remake? Let me know when the remake Ernest Goes To Jail is out…never happen.

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