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Via con dios Spartacus

September 12, 2011

Man, I have sad news that just bums me out. Andy Whitfiled the lead actor and star of Spartacus, has died at the age of 39. He sadly lost his 3-year battle with cancer over the weekend. Spartacus is one of my favorite TV shows. I mean who in their right mind does not like blood, boobs, and battles? If you have not seen the show, you have been missing out. Sorry all you TrueBlood fans, but this is what cable is supposed to be about. You push the limits that you can’t touch on regular tv, you come up with something new and original. This show has it all orgy’s,swords, cussing, blood, betrayal and then followed by a naked Lucy Lawless…sold. The guy was a damn good actor and he never got to see the shows full potential realized. Andy was surrounded by his wife and children and was said to have a peaceful death. Starz has replaced Andy with a new Spartacus and a new season starting in January 2012. It just goes to show you a lesson, we have no guarantees, life is short and precious. I will miss ya Andy…that’s the word.


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