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Rapping Country Really?

September 4, 2011

This song is kinda on the old side now, but it is kind of new to me Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Roan Anthem”. This song is biggest pile of shit on country radio today. Songs like these are the reason I have lost my faith in country music. If you don’t know the song it is like rap/country. This song manages to offend both music genres at the same damn time. If this shit was to ever even be considered rap, I would put it in the Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, or the Black Eye Peas style of rap. I am sorry to all of you people who actually like this guy, this no talent ass clown has you fooled. You know what would be cool? How bout a country song sung by a guy with balls, who writes his own music and plays a damn instrument. That would be a novel idea. It pisses me off to no end when these modern country guys mention the Hag, Possum, Cash, or Waylon. In rap music you must have a little creditability to mention Pac and Biggie…maybe coutry music should do the same. Lets put this son of a bitch in a rap battle with Slim or Lil Wayne, and see how he does. Hey Jason I got a new missing verse for your song.

I wear leather wrist bands on both my arms

I’ve never been to a gall dern farm

Man my nuts feel  raw in these tight ass jeans

May have to let my manager, coming in through the back door…know what I mean?

My trucks riding low got half a tank

Guess I will laughing all the way to the gd bank…chilling on a dirt road..that’s the word



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  1. Christy permalink

    What about Could ya would ya ain’t cha gonna if I ask ya would ya wanna be my baby tonight?
    And just about anything from Alan J. BUT the lyrics were written by someone from south Ga for sure. sounds just like several of Georges parties on the farm from his youth.

  2. meghan carr permalink

    Country Rap = CRap…….just sayin…..

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