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Whats up with these mannequins?

September 2, 2011

I went to my local mall today because I needed a new dress shirt for an event this weekend. While I was there, I noticed something. Why are the new mannequins getting sexier every time I go to the mall? Next time you’re in there, check these gals out. These mannequins are like Double D’s with a Nicki Manaj ass. These mannequins are built for speed and comfort as far as I can tell. Man and if you ever have to go to Victorias Secret with your woman beware. Those mannequins set the bar pretty high for the ladies, and the guys too. How many guys you see buying Structure shirts with 8-pack abs and fore-arms like the damn Transporter guy. Imagine when you were a kid and you kinda wondered what the opposite sex looked like. So you grow up thinking every guy has an 8-pack and has a huge plastic bolder package below…you maybe disappointed is all I am saying. I am all for making the real world mannequins, not some false prophet with unrealistic expectations I have to live up to. Give me a mannequin with a decent body and a paying job and I am good. For the Wal-Mart Mannequin how bout a Nascar T-shirt and some Jorts (Jean Shorts)? For the Ambercrombie mannequin I would use the Gary Model from Teen Mom…see my old posts. Nothing like a man whale, wearing a T-shirt that says Varsity Football c/o 88. More to come…check this video out, if the dapartment stores don’t slow down this will happen more often.


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