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Netflix WTH?

September 1, 2011

Netflix what the hell you jack up my rate, but as far as I can tell your service is the exact same. The instant streaming/watch instantly movies and tv shows never change. It is always the same shit month after month. Why can’t we ever get a new release? Netflix you need to step up your game and change the movies at minimum every two weeks. Also who picks out some of these shitty movies, that are available to choose from? Some of these movies remind me of a hill-billy flea market sale in BFE, Alabama.  Another thing is who does the groupings? I swear I saw Million Dollar Baby in the comedy section last week. Netflix you have sold out! Maybe I will try out the Redbox. To me the “Redbox” sounds like where you would go to rent a good porn flick on Friday night. There is an idea… go to a Porn Box,get a movie and a complimentary wet wipe. I just hate drug stores and Wal-Marts, so I tend not to frequent the Redbox. Netflix you cut me…you cut me deep.


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