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Top 10 things that sucked about VMA’s

August 29, 2011

I hate to admit it but I was guilty of watching the VMA’s last night. Their was just nothing else on TV, but let me say the award show, was not as bad this year. I do have a few complaints about the show, here is my top 10 list.

  1. Lady GaGa’s tribute to Johnny from the Outsiders…think she even had the chin hair…lol
  2. The announcers WTH were they? I mean can’t we drag Kurt Loader’s ass out once  a year?  I have to put up with the Ryan Seacrest’s chipper ass every new year.
  3. The chick in the chair with a broke foot that sang at every commercial.
  4. Chris Brown doing like a funky lip sync Matrix dance routine…someone should have Rihanna slapped the shit out of this man for using Nirvana in his routine.
  5. The standard speech ” I like to thank the Lord…um yeah, yeah, the God..etc” by people who dress in drag and wear a damn shoe box dress.
  6. Justin Beaver…nuff said
  7. Amy Winehouse tribute really? Did you even know Bruno Mars was singing one of her songs? Valerie..remember that one all you die-hard Jazz fans? Because I just hear Miles Davis all the damn time on the radio these days…Clarence Clemons deserved a damn tribute as well.
  8. The whole Twitter voting thing.. I still don’t get that one.
  9. Jared Leto’s power mullet…son of a bitch looked like the old Billy Ray Cyrus.
  10. MTV pretending for one day, that they actually give a shit about music.

Tell me what you think..any additions/subtractions?

  1. Christie permalink

    I know you don’t care about Britney, but I love her crazy ass and her tribute was awful. They could have made it really cool, but it sucked. I thought the whole show was terrible.

  2. ashley permalink

    I thought the same thing about gaga… I was just happy to see the hunger games trailer. The books are fantastic. It’s going to be the new twilight. So, I’m looking forward to your rants about it when the movies finally come out.

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