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Stop Handicap Abuse

August 28, 2011

All to often at work, sporting events, concerts,parks, and the gym I see the daily abuse of America’s handicapped.  For example at my local YMCA, they have an upstairs and downstairs. The YMCA has an elevator for the HANDICAPPED and the traditional stair case. I still see 30-year-old men and women all damn day long taking the elevator. Dammit, people you are at the gym to work , take your fat ass up the stairs. Poor water fountains with foot petals, supposed to be their for the poor arm-less man. These get used by the public, like they are the clutch petals in a Fast and Furious movie. If you go to the bathroom made for the guy in the wheel chair, just because you like a more spacious place to shit…you deserve to get your ass whooped by the arm-less man. If you’re  washing your “shitty paws” in the sink with faucet handles that look like boat oars, instead of regular handles, you got a problem. Also how many of you use the manual doors when entering a business? Or perhaps you wait for the automatic doors? You know damn good and well you wait for the automatic sliding door. I am not saying you’re a bad person, just stop being so lazy. The poor handicapped already got it bad enough… be mindful…that’s the word.

What a Dick


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  1. Love it! Well said!

  2. Deana permalink

    Thank you … Thank you!!! I totally agree Mike!! LOL

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