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The D-Bag Uniform

August 26, 2011

This may hit a little close to home for some of you guys out there but I am gonna call you out anyways. I was watching the Jersey Shore last night and I took a hard look at what these dudes wear pretty much daily. The thing that pisses me off more than Ron and Sam constantly bitching, is the “Ed Hardy esque” T-shirts these dudes wear. If this shit has made its way all the way down to Alabama, you know it’s not going away any time soon. What kind of d-bag wakes up and says, I think I want a glittery dragon with purple flames shooting out it’s ass on my chest today? These T-shirts are like a bad smurf orgy of colors and silly graphics. Imagine your mentally handicapped  cousin got a holt of clip art, and went ape shit, that’s pretty much what they look like. You know what the difference is between an Ed Hardy T-shirt and a Nascar T-shirt? Answer: bout 40 bucks. These T-shirts trip me out displaying a unicorn, with  grizzley-bear claws getting humped by a color moose. The last time I checked your T-shirt will not pull you any ass in the club. Usually the dudes that have these shirts have the accompanying Bedazzled rhinestone jeans. I see these guys and I am like you look like a gay matador at Mardi Gras. Keep it simple, keep it clean, toss out the lame…that’s the word.

What a Bad Ass Shirt

What the Hell is this?


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