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2012 Toyota Camry…Really

August 24, 2011

I saw the other day that Toyota has announced that they are introducing the new 2012 Toyota Camry. This is the first re-design since 2007. America’s number one selling car has some new features you probably have not heard about:

  1.  Standard Old fart pilow…you know the horseshoe your grandma had?
  2. A functional gas petal…sorry 2007 model owners
  3. One Year Free Membership to the AARP
  4. Factory installed Rod Stewart CD.
  5. Family Sticker…or a “W” sticker
  6. Free Voucher for divorce papers.
  7. Mid Life Crisis Handbook.
  8. Complimentary cooler of Bartles and James Non alcoholic wine.
  9. Optional racing stripes or racing wing.
  10. Factory 14 inch wheels.

Anybody else besides me long for the days when cars were actually cool? Go look back at cars in the 60s-70s every year new body style, torque monster, tire burning, fire breathing, bad ass motor cars. Cars once said something about you, it gave the world a glimpse into your personality. Sadly this Camry just tells me you have given up on life and the best it gets is missionary position on Saturday night..thats the word.

Average Car Now

Average Car Then


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One Comment
  1. ashley permalink

    You should take it back further than 60-70s cars… like maybe to pre 1960 cars…. every single one had character and personality… I will have my 57 Chevy belair one day…

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