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Kardashian Ties the Knot!

August 22, 2011

Hola, apparently everyone’s favorite big ass dream girl got hitched over the weekend. It is my understanding the event was filled with D-list celebrities and of course Bruce Jenner’s crazy ass eye lift. Kim Kardashian tied the knot with NBA player Kris Humphries. One thing that pisses me off is that in a lot of news publications they are calling Kris Humphries an NBA star. I closely follow sports and I can tell you I honestly have no idea who the hell this guy is…star my ass. Kobe Bryant is a star; Kris Humphries is the equivalent of a porn set fluffer compared to Kobe or others. I just hope Ray J got the invite, that ole S.O.B  was a trip, anybody see the home movie besides me? I think Ray J gets off to Ray J…..yeah, yeah, aww yeah. Ole Kim just lays there the whole time, how disappointing, maybe thats why she’s always single…just saying.The problem is how can the average American really relate to these people? Kim Kardashian is a star for one reason and one reason only…her ass. The ass is 10, but all the crying about how hard it is to be rich and fine gets on my nerves, let me tell you. Every episode of the show Kim is crying talking about family and how it feels to be lonely. I hope Kim and the Twilight Guy look-alike have a long marriage that last at least 2 season of the show. I will be sure to look for the line of Kardashian after party wedding stank perfume on Home Shopping Network, coming soon. Good luck with your “first” marriage KK, don’t forget to leave the camera on….that’s the word.

The Money Maker

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