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The Lost Son

August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone! I am gonna switch it up today and cover one of my least favorite topics Nascar. At one time I was a Nascar fan and I really enjoyed watching Dale Earnhardt, after he died in 2001 I tried to follow Junior. I am her today to tell you that Junior sucks, and you should give up on his sorry ass. Unless you are a Cubs fan and like a lifetime of losing , then keep following him. The poor guy cannot win a race and his cars look like an orgy of colors. How the hell can you be the most popular driver, when you do not win ever? Are the Cleveland Browns or Mississippi State the most popular teams in their respective sports? I just do not see how this guy is still a footnote on Sports Center highlights. The country has been duped into thinking he actually has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning…and be real he does not. Nascar is way to commercial and the racing has suffered. All the drivers look like west coast porn extras, or they look like 12-year-old JC Penny models. Junior will never win a championship, let alone multiple. Where does he go from here, if you cannot win at Hendrick, where can you win? I am still waiting on my return to Nascar. Once Nascar gets a 35-year-old former UPS driver with a history of DUI’s and tatoo that says “Born to die” I will follow. Nascar needs a bad guy, that’s what Dale was..and he was great. Junior will continue to live in his father’s shadow, the guy is done. Also who keeps buying Nascar die-cast cars? Do you really think these things will be worth money in the future? I feel bad they’ re  hillybillys out there who spent his kids college fund, on the Terry Labonte Championship Car. Keep on selling car insurance and Wranglers Junior…it’s the only shot you got. That’s the word, now leave me a comment and tell me I am wrong.


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