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New Gym Rules!

August 15, 2011

Hey I have been going to the gym for just about two years now and I have some seen some strange people there let me tell you. I thought to myself if I owned a gym, based on my experience, I would create some new rules. These are just a few of my rules.

  1. No orgasm faces or noises while lifting weights…you have seen these guys and it’s creepy.
  2. Socks are required…I always see one jackass not wearing socks and it drives me nuts.
  3. Turn your damn I pod down…if I can hear your Nickelback over my ACDC, that’s a problem.
  4. Leave the bike shorts on the bike…I do not need to see your bike bulge pants.
  5. Wear workout clothes…this is not Roadhouse leave the tank tops and painted on jeans at home.
  6. IF YOUR FINE…do not wear like the sexiest outfit ever and expect men not to look at you.
  7. Leave your Roid Juice in the car.
  8. If your old as hell and your naked in the locker room cover up…I get it you don’t care, but damn.
  9. No flexing in the mirror…I give less than a damn if your triceps look toned.
  10. Ladies don’t be helpless…if you do not know how to use something ask somebody, like the bike short guy.
  11. Keep your kids off the equipment…you don’t see me riding the fire truck at Chuck E Cheese.

If you know  one of these people, tell them for their own sake to avoid these pitfalls…that’s the word.

The Name is Dalton Bitch!

Don't look at me perv!

I will just wait here till you finish!

Hell Yes It's Natural!


From → Really? Really?

  1. I actually don’t wear socks at the gym (Hate Points going up, I guess). And I do hate those idiot women who need someone to do EVERYTHING for them!

    And I as a woman can tell you that I don’t think men who beef up like those guys in your pics are not all together right in the head.

    • We got a dude that comes to my gym who looks like Michael Bolton meets The Rock. I mean this guy has like tan elbows and he even wears a headband…scary shit I am telling ya.

  2. See, that’s not right. This Rock Bolton must be one of those guys who sunbathes in the nude every other day.

    Do you hate people who were Vibram FiveFingers? Those shoes that look like feet? I do barefoot running and when I see people with those on, I just want to put socks on them. But yeah, I would buy them too (Hate Points accumulating ever so quickly).

    • The 5 fingers do look pretty weird, but I hear good things about them. The funniest thing are the black ones, they remind me of Mr.Deeds with the whole frost bite foot. I am just waiting on some brave person to bring back the pumps;) No hate points, were are good!

  3. You mean the Reebok Pumps? Oh no you di’int!

    I used to be turned off to the FiveFingers but I started barefoot running and I think it’s the greatest thing since cake doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles (oh don’t get me started). I’ll be buying a pair when I can run a couple of miles without burning off the soles of my feet.

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