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Oh Those Sexy Skinny Jeans!

August 11, 2011

Hey pay attention! I am not a fashion guy and this will probably be one of the few times you get a fashion article from me but I am worried about dudes in skinny jeans. I know what you saying guys, how do I know if my jeans are to skinny?…Well let me tell you. Imagine your only half drunk on a Friday night downtown, it’s kinda dark,your with your boys and you come up on a something sexy from behind in jeans. That ass is looking right and yummy, only to find out in not a chick, it’s really a dude in skinny jeans…that shit is scary. If you even think you maybe this guy, toss the jeans. I don’t understand why the hell any dude feels the need to purposefully crush his balls anyways. Unless you are in a platinum selling rock band just wear regular pants. Do girls really find these jeans sexy at all? Hey there pretty girl check out my moose knuckels and reverse camel-toe, wanna grab some lunch? I got a few key exhibits I would like to present to jury, take a good look. I think these dudes speak for themselves and ask yourself what the hell are these dudes thinking. Ladies you also need to take a good look in the mirror, if your skinny jeans appear to be screaming at the seams, maybe its time for a sun dress. Let’s do the world a favor a keep skinny jeans on skinny chicks…and that’s the word. Man Up America!

Just a Bunch of dudes looking for girls..or are they?

This is a Dude

Worst Nightmare

Bad..Just Bad


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Now, if you could write something about, dude’s who feel it’s acceptable to walk around with no shirt on…you know who I mean, the one’s who have like a distended stomach (like a starving kid in Africa). I’ll also attack the ladies, who feel it’s okay not to wear a bra in a sun dress…when the girls have clearly, gone “South”!

  2. grooda permalink

    I am not sure that “Bad..Just Bad” photo above qualifies for the post. Is that a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of oversized thighs? There must be a point where skinny jeans are no longer called “skinny” no matter how tight they are.

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