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20 piece Nugget Really?

August 11, 2011

I was in the Bk Lounge the other day, or Burger King for all you non Dane Cook fans. They are offering a few new menu items/combos that tripped me out. Just in case you have not been in a while BK is offering a 20 piece chicken nugget for like 6 bucks. This may piss some people off but do you really need 20 damn nuggets in one sitting? I mean where does it stop? You think  some dude somewhere in the BK lounge research and development team suggested a 25 piece and the said, ” Hell no Billy that’s just radical”. BK also has a 8 pack of mini burgers or sliders as there known on the streets for like 6 bucks. I mean what the hell a 20 piece nugget and an 8 pack-o-sliders, BK may as well give you an old porn movie and a used season of Battlestar Gallactica. You can go ahead and scratch through the next 40 years of Friday nights on your calendar, trust me you will be home. Just image if your roommate or wife went to Publix and bought a whole red bag of Tyson Chicken nuggets, put them in the oven, and then ate every last one. You would probably raise an eyebrow or two I am guessing, and be pissed they ate all the nuggets.  Would anyone at the BK lounge think it strange if you just strapped a handle on a  2 liter for drink with these combos. All I am saying is be smart with your nuggets purchases, and that’s the word.


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One Comment
  1. meghan carr permalink

    Lmfao. This is a very valid point. Kfc has already put a handle on their half a gallon bucket o’sweet tea.

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