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To Many 3-D Movies

August 10, 2011

Aight, here we go! I need someone to tell me why the hell 90% of the movies that come out are in 3-D. Lets get the kids movies out the way, I can see the appeal there…no big deal. Lets take a minute to take a look at the new trash coming our way in the weeks to come. We have Glee the 3-D Concert Movie coming this weekend. Unless you are a 12-year-old girl you have no business going to see this shit, and in any event what the hell you need this in 3-D for? If you pay to see this  in 3-D than I don’t feel sorry you just lost 12 bucks deal with it. Here is another, the remake of Conan the Barbarian I mean really. I guess if you happen to be a lonely housewife maybe, you will get to see some huge thigh muscles or gleaming sweaty pecs in 3-D. You will probably just get to see a 3-D snake, didn’t you just see a snake-like that in the last two 3-D Harry Potter movies? I am keeping my extra 3 bucks, I am no longer gonna support 3-D movies because it’s just another way to gouge you outta money. Until we take a stand for good movies without 3-D this shit will keep coming. Can anyone even remember the last good movie you saw in 3-D?  Remember the last great Speilberg and Martin Scorsese movie in 3-D? The answer is Hell No you don’t because there is not one. I don’t re-call Inception, Dark Knight, Shutter Island, or The Departed being 3-D. Dont be a sucker just say no, any who uses this new Sprint Phone that records in 3-D? I can only see one kind of movie where that would be cool and it damn sure is not a kids movie….I mean what the hell.


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  1. Curt permalink

    I agree. They won’t get a dime from me. It’s just a gimmick and folks fall for it every time and then get mad if its not worth it. I say Stop Paying For It! How bout I take the extra money and I will throw something in their face to really give them a great affect.

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