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Poor Kings Of Leon

August 9, 2011

This is like a week old, but last week the Kings of Leon cancelled the rest of their U.S. tour due to exhaustion. This is a bunch of shit, as most of you know little Caleb was too drunk to go on. Hey I am for drunk Rock Gods, dudes living on the ragged edge, guys with bad hair and multiple model wives but gimme a break. I am sad to say KOL really let me down this time. The fans pay good money to see you play and hold it together for an hour and a half every night. In this economy every dollar counts and I expect the show to go on. Where the hell have all the good rock bands gone, turn on the radio…no rock. I can’t stand when guys who have made the big time and  forget what it means to be “unknown”. The fans made you guys, and pulling shit like this only hurts your band and reputation. You see Springsteen or Bono cancelling shows? Let these guys be regulated back to state fairs and bingo halls and see how many tours the opt out on. The fundamental problem is these guys have made the big time now and they no longer can really relate to their fans. There will always be a place for these guys, but brace yourself  a change is coming. Will you miss them? I miss this band not what they have become.


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