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Atlanta Braves Playoff Run?

August 7, 2011

The Atlanta Braves took 2 out ouf 3 from the New York Mets this weekend. The team still looks to be coming together with the new addition of Michael Bourne. Dan Uggla is starting to make solid contact, and the bullpen looks strong. Do you think the Atlanta Braves are serious playoff contenders?

The Word…

The word is that until the Atlanta Braves decide to really make a run at a big time free agent or name hitter, we will continue to be second best behind Philly. Atlanta needs to pony up some big bucks and land a legitimate “Big Time” player. I personally think until the fans decide that we are ready to win again, we will continue to be second place. I like the current lineup, but we still need a legitimate  30hr 100 rbi guy. Albert Pujos is in the last 2 months of his contract…now is the time. Freddie can play 3rd, move Prado back to left…World Series Championship in  2 years.


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